Stay Cool, Healthy and Environmentally Conscious

Living in the land of 10,000 lakes, Minnesotans have designed their warm weather lifestyles to include quality time on the whole slew of lakes and streams in our wonderful state.

Wherever you call home, many people share my enthusiasm of the great outdoors by boating, kayaking, canoeing, jet skiing and sailing. Just as long as we’re outside, breathing in the unmistakable sensation of being on water.

With these outdoor adventures comes a checklist of safety and health concerns, for ourselves and our families. Numerous articles have been written about how to best enjoy being on the water. My top 4 health and safety tips, take into account the ability to swim and abide by the state laws where you reside, regarding boating. So let’s learn how to optimize our time on the water.

When we look back on our best 4th of July celebrations, they most always include a festive atmosphere with family and friends, coolers full of cold drinks covered in ice, a wide variety of foods to munch on, BBQ’s and competitive outdoor games, to keep the spirit of America alive.

As Americans, these traditions have changed very little. Except of course the technological advancements of our Pyrotechnics and our ability to stay cooler during this summer holiday event. Also unchanged are the core expressions of American independence and innovation over the past 239 years.