When we look back on our best 4th of July celebrations, they most always include a festive atmosphere with family and friends, coolers full of cold drinks covered in ice, a wide variety of foods to munch on, BBQ’s and competitive outdoor games, to keep the spirit of America alive.

As Americans, these traditions have changed very little. Except of course the technological advancements of our Pyrotechnics and our ability to stay cooler during this summer holiday event. Also unchanged are the core expressions of American independence and innovation over the past 239 years.

Aside from his familiar fame, Thomas Jefferson was always looking forward.  In 1802, he constructed an ice house on his Monticello plantation. Ice was an integral part of life, keeping foods and humans alike, cool through the summer months. As we agreed, traditions have changed very little, but Americans have used our independence to keep innovating new and better ways to stay cool.

It might surprise you that in Philadelphia (1792), a Wilshire clothier stopped for a round of punch and thought fit to record that it was, “brought to us with a lump of ice in each glass.” He wasn’t the last Englishman to marvel at the American ice-cube habit.1

We fast forward to today and still marvel at the Americans applications for the ice-cube. From sustaining foods in the 18th century to keeping us cooler in the 21st century.

More than 8 years ago I, Tory Reynolds, identified the potential power of ice, to cool the body, –when applied to dri wicking material.  Through the years, it has brought great comfort to myself and family members.  In March of this year, I was prompted to bring my invention to market, and patented ‘Cube Cooling Technology’, which enables the users to lower their body temperature with an ice-cube placed in a Hidden Pocket in a wide line of sleeveless, short and long shirt options.

American innovation at its best.

This coming holiday weekend all of us at Cool Performance Apparel will be wearing our various styled shirts, staying cooler and more comfortable than past 4th of July parties, as we spread the word about this simple, affordable innovation, made right here in the USA.

There is a Cool Performance Apparel shirt for every festive outdoor activity. Each made with moisture wicking material that ensures the sweat stays off your skin and wicks to the fabric, drying faster and keeping you cooler as the ice cube melts in the strategically placed Hidden Pocket.